Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Something Grey

This is me wearing a COS Shirt, H&M shorts and weekday pumps.

Tutorial - New Coats

You can get the cut of the coat from Burda Style 8/2011. All you need is (size 36): 1,80 m long and 1,50 m broad fabrick with two nice sides; 0,30 m twill binding; yarn; cut paper, overlock machine and a sewing machine.
First you have to cut the fabric, be careful if it is striped, because sometimes stripes and straight grain is not the same!
Then you have to close the side-seams. Because of the knitwear, I do this with an overlock-machine.  After this you have to close the short sleave-seams.
Now you can sew the sleeves at the front- and the backpart.
After this you close the shoulder- and the upper sleeves seams. Now you iron the seam allowance of the sleeves hems inside and handsew it. Fasten the twill binding at the neckline and you´re almost ready.
At least serge the hem and the flounces with an overlock-machine and ready is your new coat.

New Fabrics - New Coats

At the weekend I used the time to sew some coats for autumn. The first one is made of knitwear and the black one is a loden coat. Doesn`t look very traditional, hm? The making- of was kind of easy, so a tutorial is coming up. I like how soft the flounces at the front fall, looks very gently.

Adieu Tristesse! - Part Four

The last part of my mini serial about summer colours deals with a mix of colours. Hope you`ve enjoyed it. 
(purse: Urban Outfitters; bracelet: COS; etagere: Koziol; cool bag: H&M Home

Adieu Tristesse! - Part Three

In the third part I show you some of my favourites in green and yellow. 
(nail polish: american apparel; backpack, small bag, wet wipes: H&M; watch: Casio; plastic bag: H&M; small pool with pink frog: gift of my parents-in-law; camera: Nikon Coolpix S3100)

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Adieu Tristesse! - Part Two

Orange is one of the upcoming new colours in this summer. My relationship to this colour is a difficult one. Grown up in the 1990ties, orange reminds me of ravers with green eyebrows and belly tops. But in this summer I decided to give the colour a new chance, but only in small doses. 
(bag: COS; nail polish: Manhattan; small melon bag: H&M; small bag: Monki; perfum: Biotherm; dress: COS; scrunchie: H&M; blouse: Zara)