Freitag, 30. November 2012

The Pink Ones and the Fluffys

At the moment clothes and furniture can`t be too pink or fluffy for me. It`s that time of the year when it gets darker and greyer outside everyday, so some colour blurs can`t be wrong.
angora sweater: h&m trend; skinnies: h&m; trainers: reebok; love necklace: mori

nailpolish: essie: lights; rings: weekday

pink racoon sweater: Emma Cook for Topshop (pic via

my beautiful little sister linda playing her accordion

lamb pillow made by my grandma

i keep both: clutch: maison martin margiela with h&m

new pink linen bedding: h&m home

fluffy jacket: h&m trend, tutleneck and skinnies: h&m, wedge trainers: topshop

Mittwoch, 28. November 2012

MMM with H&M update

Here I show you what I finally bought from the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection. The other things didn`t convince be, because of the fabrics and the cut. I´m just thinking, wheather I should keep the bonbon bag in candy pink or flashing silver. Maybe keep both?
sock sweater and bonbon clutch

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

I know I`m a little bit early and it`s quite a long time to next Easter, but I have to show you my growing bunnies collection. These cute things cheer me up to this grey November.
sumo bunny

moustache bunny

little bunny bowl; rings: weekday, accessorize

bunny house slippers

bunny socks

Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Some Things that Make Me Happy !

In my flat I love to pay attention to the little things, which always make me happy when I look at. Hope they make you happy, too (Hoahoa).

monki invasion!

poodely doodely

grandpa`s heritage

vase collection

corridor style
and not to forget: the "thing" which makes me happy all the time... (although she doesn`t look very happy)

Always Black

Sometimes I try to break out of my habits and buy shoes in cream, white or brown shades. But in the end it`s always black which attracts me....

first row ( left to right): lace-up shoes and loafers: vagabond; cat loafers: blink  second row: heeled boots: vagabond; two pairs of chelseaboots: görtz

Montag, 12. November 2012

Recessionista vs Stylenomics

When I bought some nailpolishes from Essie these days I couldn`t decide if I take stylenomics (a forest green) or recessionista (a dark violet shade), at the end, what a surprise, I bought both of them. And I´m really happy, because they fit perfectly to all my Autumn outfits.

ring: accessorize

watch: asos
and not to forget: the essie topcoat

Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M - Favourites

At the 15th of november the Maison Martin Margiela collection finally hits the H&M stores. I`m really excited, if I can manage to get some of the re-edition pieces. Here are some of my favourites, but I could by almost everything.
(all pics via

oversized pea coat
turtleneck sweater
oversized cashmere sweater
caramel leather shopper
pair of white sneakers

Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

My Room

At the moment I´m a little bit obsessed with new inspiring furniture for our flat, I started to rearrange the old pieces and bought some new. It`s always nice to see how little changes work so much.So I get the idea to show you how I live. I start with my room where I sleep and work at. More is up to come...

Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Autumn Colours

I went shopping last weekend and found some matchy-matchy clothes. Lucky me! Outfit posts will follow soon.
(scarf: new yorker, customized; sweater and pants: h&m trend )