Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Some Kind of Nail-Art

As I might have said before, I`m not the handiest person, so lacquering my nails is not so easy. But I´m a big fan of nailart at the moment and so I tried to do some at home. Maybe it`s not that fancy, but it´s a start.
I used some nailpolish from Astor for the first time. The small bottle looks not so stylish like Essie or Chanel or any of those "blogger nailpolishes", but it`s a nice coral red with an easy to handle brush. (That`s very important for me, hihi.) For topcoat I used cracking coat in white from essence and some confetti-looking-like one also from essence.

rings: mori

astor nailpolish in creamy coral

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